Featured Films


Go Macro: Who We Are

Short film about the family-run, energy bar company, Go Macro. Produced by The Wuss Productions and Cuker.

Sundance Film Festival 2018: 10 Days of Different

Full recap of Sundance ‘18: the premiere event of independent film.

Levon: An Introduction to Levon

This piece was timed with the initial EP release by Levon, new to Sony Music Nashville, shot locally in Los Angeles.

Andy Grammer: 3 Live TV appearances in 3 Days

From the Orange Bowl half time show in Miami, to the final performance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, to the Rose Parade the following am; a nonstop run documenting 3 days with Andy Grammer.

Christian Surfers: For Every Surfer

Promo Video, written, shot, and produced for the non-profit Christian Surfers.

Hollywood Young Life: A Day in the Life


Follow Moises for a day in his life, as he leaves his overnight shift to help look after his younger brothers, attend his own classes, and return back to work with little to no sleep.

You can learn more about Hollywood Young Life here.

John Waller "Awakening" Music Video

The first single released in two years by artist John Waller, "Awakening" is a playful return, shot over 2 days on location in New York City. "Awakening" is a song celebrating the great combination of coffee and faith.

Dan Cockerell: Speaking Promo Reel


With 27 years of experience at Disney, it was a pleasure to work with Dan Cockerell on his launch into Keynote speaking.